The objectives of Brownhill Creek Association Incorporated (BCA) are listed on the website Home Page and are compatible with the original purpose of BCA, which is detailed below. BCA Chairperson, Professor Wayne Meyer and BCA Community Liaison Officer, Ron Bellchambers are the primary contacts.


Mobile phone:    Chairperson Professor Wayne Meyer: 0407 953 544 

                               Community Liaison Officer Ron Bellchambers: 0427 718 106  


Postal Address: PO Box 113
Mitcham Shopping Centre, Torrens Park
SA 5062


Chairperson: Professor Wayne Meyer  (Spokesperson)

Community Liaison Officer: Ron Bellchambers (Spokesperson)

Treasurer: Marcus Beresford 

Secretary: Rod Ellis 

Dr Peter Dillon

John Wood 

  • The BCA Steering Committee represents a large paid membership base of over 200 members with common environmental and heritage goals.

The purpose of the Brownhill Creek Association Inc. as per the Rules of Association is as follows:

“1. The purpose of the Association is to promote the conservation and enhancement of Brownhill Creek as a watercourse and scenic feature of the environment. This includes conservation and enhancement of the natural ecology and appropriate good management of land and activities within the catchment generally, as well as attention to human historic or heritage attributes of the Creek and its catchment.”


Chairperson: Professor Wayne Meyer (Adjunct Professor Natural Resource Science | University of Adelaide)

Ron Bellchambers (Retired Secondary School Teacher | History/English/Outdoor Education)

Kaurna Elder advisor (usually Uncle Jeffrey Newchurch, Chair KNCHA)

David Pace (Science,Technology and Engineering Leader/Year 4 Teacher | Scotch College)

Wes Parker (Urrbrae Agricultural High School)

Vanessa Greenslade (Urrbrae Agricultural High School)

Ann-Louise Breeding (Urrbrae Wetland Manager | Urrbrae Agricultural High School)

Steve Wasilewski (Mercedes College)

Melissa Buske (Mercedes College)

Miriam Doull (Mitcham Primary School)

Jeremy Gramp (NRM Education Officer)

Steve Walker (NRM Education Officer)

Eric De Smit (Senior Ranger: DEW Ranger for Brownhill Creek Recreation Park)

Kat Hill (NRM Volunteer Support Officer)

Giles Goldney (Senior Lecturer | Urrbrae TAFE)

Nick Crouch (Senior Lecturer, Conservation and Horticulture |Urrbrae TAFE)


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