We acknowledge this land that we meet on today is the traditional lands for the Kaurna people and that we respect their spiritual relationship with their country.

We also acknowledge the Kaurna people as the custodians of the Adelaide region and that their cultural and heritage beliefs are still as important to the living Kaurna people today.

We also pay respects to the cultural authority of Aboriginal people visiting/attending from other areas of South Australia/Australia.


Ngadlu tampinthi yalaka ngadlu Kaurna yartangka inparrinthi. Ngadludlu tampinthi, parnaku tuwila yartangka.

Kaurna Miyurna yaitya yarta-mathanya Wama Tarntanyaku, parnaku yailtya, parnaku tapa puru purruna. Kaurna Miyurna ithu yailtya purruna, yarta kuma puru martinthi, puru warri-apinthi, puru tangka martulayinthi.

Kuma kumartarna Yaitya Miyurna ngadludlu tampinthi iyangka yalaka. Parnaku yarta kumartarna yarta Kanthi Partu-arra kuma Warrunangku.

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Brownhill Creek Recreation Park / Wirraparinga is a beautiful and historic park within 10km of Adelaide’s CBD, soon to be part of a tourism and heritage precinct which will incorporate Carrick Hill as the tourism hub, the University of Adelaide Waite Campus, historic Mitcham Village, Brownhill Creek Recreation Park, Brownhill Creek Tourist Park and SP Estate.

 Brownhill Creek Association Incorporated (BCA) is partnering with the Kaurna Nation Cultural Heritage Association (Traditional Owners), The Friends of Brownhill Creek, Mitcham Historical Society, the Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek, Mitcham Lions Club, the SA Department for Environment and Water (DEW), NRM Education and Support Officers, Carrick Hill Trust, the owners of SP Estate, the University of Adelaide Waite Campus, the City of Mitcham, local schools / Urrbrae TAFE represented on BCA’s Education and Revegetation Committee, Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA), Walking SA, the National Trust of South Australia, Conservation Council SA, local businesses and the wider community. The Minister for Environment, David Speirs MP, Sam Duluk MP (State Member for Waite) and Nicolle Flint MP (Federal Member for Boothby), have secured funding and provided essential support and encouragement for our joint community projects. BCA and our partners are working together to make this tourism and heritage precinct a reality through the Connecting Communities: Wirraparinga Loop Trail Project.

This project will provide benefits for recreation, health and wellbeing, education and heritage, native revegetation and habitat restoration for endangered species and provide an important economic boost for our economy through tourism.

BCA uses the environment and heritage in this area as a focus to unite our partner groups and the wider community.

The Wirraparinga Loop Trail Agreement has recently been signed by Carrick Hill Trust, SP Estate,  the Department for Environment, the City of Mitcham and BCA.

Wirraparinga Loop Trail Maps

*Maps courtesy of Jim McLean from Walking SA: https://www.walkingsa.org.au

BCA NewsPage-April 2018-From Strength to Strength

Links that provide information about this tourism and heritage precinct:



Brownhill Creek Heritage Trail Final 31 July 2017





“This is Brownhill Creek” by local filmmaker Linda Kennedy

Linda enjoyed Brownhill Creek in her childhood and now visits often with her two children. Brownhill Creek is their favourite place. Linda is passionate about making imaginative and creative documentaries and you can see more of her work at Midnight SHORTS

“This is Ellison’s Gully”, the latest video by local filmmaker Linda Kennedy. Linda was not paid to produce these films and kindly made them freely available to the public. Linda hopes that her films will help to preserve these natural valleys for future generations. Ellison’s Gully is located on SP Estate and will be part of the Wirraparinga Loop Trail.


Wirraparinga Loop Trail Tourism Forum at Carrick Hill

Wirraparinga Loop Trail Stakeholder Meeting: A Wirraparinga Loop Trail Agreement has been signed.

View of Adelaide from Brown Hill on the Wirraparinga Loop Trail

Endangered species under the Federal Government EPBC Act include the Southern Brown Bandicoot (pictured in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park) and Grey Box Grassy Woodland. Vulnerable and rare species of fish (Mountain and Climbing Galaxias) are still to be found in Brownhill Creek.BCA will implement the latest recommendations by scientists/DEW ecologists and join any coordinated bandicoot programmes:

There is always a Koala to be sighted!

Native revegetation and education projects are underway. Here Jeremy Gramp (NRM Education Officer) is working closely with a senior student from Urrbrae Agricultural High School, who in turn is mentoring a junior primary student from Mercedes College. 200 students from three schools, supported by DEW/NRM staff, teachers, parents and community members recently planted 2,300 native plants along the trail. Another 170 students planted 1,000 aquatic native plants along Brownhill Creek.

The BCA Education and Revegetation Committee meets regularly to plan school projects: 

BCA Education & Revegetation Committee Schools’ Days:

Mitcham Council staff, Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek members, Friends of Brownhill Creek, BCA members and other community volunteers worked together on the upgrade of a section of the Wirraparinga Loop Trail (Peter Nelson Walking Trail)

Brownhill Creek Green Army Graduation. The successful $200,000.00, five month, Federal Government Green Army Project delivered outcomes for trail construction, weed reduction, training and community connections. Thanks to Nicolle Flint MP (Federal Member for Boothby), Darren Kennedy and Jodie Bambridge from Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA), the Department for Environment and of course the motivated Green Army team of young men and women. 

 BCA values the close relationship established with the Kaurna Nation Cultural Heritage Association (KNCHA) and Kaurna Elders over the past seven years.