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Saturday 7th, Sunday 8th, Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th January: Watering our latest native plants throughout Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. Volunteers Ron Bellchambers and Greg Szymaniak.

Thursday 12th January: Watering inaccessible natives plants by bucket. Great effort by Alison McCarthy & her husband, Damion Reeves, Greg Szymaniak, Wayne Meyer and Ron Bellchambers.

*Monday 16th January: Yam Daisy / Ngampa Harvest at Willawilla Karra Kuu (Kaurna Red Gum Shelter Tree at the entrance to Brownhill Creek Recreation Park). Planted by Steven Hoepfner and his team two years ago at the request of Senior Kaurna Elder Auntie Lynette Crocker, the Ngampa were ready to harvest! After a very powerful and moving ceremony led by Auntie Lynette the historic event took place. Thanks to Auntie Lynette, First Nations artist Brad Darkson, Steven Hoepfner, Senior Ranger Sam Everingham, Lee Camporeale from Mitcham Rotary Club, Mitcham Councillor Joanna Wells, BCA Chair Professor Wayne Meyer, BCA Community Engagement & Projects Officer Ron Bellchambers and a group of volunteers from BCA and the Friends of Brownhill Creek Recreation Park.

*Breaking News: The Monarch of the Glen / Madlala Karra Kuu, a Kaurna Red Gum Shelter Tree in Brownhill Creek Tourist Park has now come under the care and protection of the National Parks & Wildlife Service SA and Kaurna Elders. Remediation and restoration works have begun in the tree’s root zone to improve growing conditions and respect living Kaurna cultural heritage.

Saturday 28th January: Friends of Brownhill Creek Recreation Park working bee.



Monday 5th December: Community workshop for the Bolstering Bandicoots in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park and Waterfall Gully Project.

Wednesday 7th December: Ron, Greg and Damion weed control volunteer work.

Saturday 10th December: End of year morning tea for the Friends of Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. Certificates presented to Senior Ranger Sam Everingham and Volunteer Greg Szymaniak for outstanding service. Thank you to all members for your hard work and passionate commitment throughout 2022.

Certificate – Sam Everingham – Senior Ranger – Signed

Certificate – Greg Szymaniak – Signed pdf

Wednesday 7th, Thursday 15th and Thursday 22nd December: SourSob Bob weed control works, supervised by BCA.

Friday 23rd December: Father Christmas visits Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. Thanks to Gavin Dyer and the staff at Brownhill Creek Tourist Park.



Tuesday 1st, Tuesday 15th and Thursday 24th November: Saving Significant Trees Project with SourSob Bob contractors. More clearing and poisoning of olives in the root zone of mainly Eucalyptus viminalis (Manna Gum).

Tuesday 15th November: EBS contractors slashing around plantings.

Thursday 17th November: ECS contractors undertaking weed control.

Saturday 26th November: Friends of Brownhill Creek Recreation Park working bee.



Thursday 6th October: Ron, Greg and Damion join SourSob Bob for weed control work at the Lions Park. Ira worked at the Southern Brown Bandicoot monitoring site.

Monday 10th October: SourSob Bob bush care at Willawilla Karra Kuu.

Monday 17th October and Tuesday 25th October: SourSob Bob olive control as part of the Saving Significant Trees Project.

Saturday 29th October: Friends of Brownhill Creek Recreation Park working bee.



Monday 5th September: BCA’s 2021-2022 Financial Year Wirraparinga Progress Report completed. 

Wirraparinga Progress Report 2021-22 Financial Year – For Website

Tuesday 13th September: BCA Steering Committee meeting.

Wednesday 14th September: Southern Brown Bandicoot Project (Bolstering Bandicoots) – joint project with Dr Jasmin Packer and the BandiBunch team. Soil surveys carried out in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park and on neighbouring private properties.

Friday 24th September: Friends of Brownhill Creek Recreation Park working bee.

*Throughout the month Ron Bellchambers, Greg Szymaniak and Damion Reeves have undertaken regular weed control volunteer works.



Friday 5th August: Senior Ranger Sam Everingham and Ron Bellchambers install the Kaurna Shelter Tree interpretive sign. The interpretive sign was 12months of consulting and designing. Thank you to Auntie Lynette Crocker, Uncle Lewis O’Brien, Uncle Mickey O’Brien, Uncle Jeffrey Newchurch, Anthropologist Fiona Sutherland, Archaeologist David Mott, Graphic Designer Claire Gilbert and Clockworks Digital.

96657 NPWSSA Brownhill Creek Kaurna Kaurna Karra Kuu Tree FIN PRINT Aug 2022

Sunday 7th August: Students from Mercedes College and parents work with Ron Bellchambers on a Kaurna Shelter Tree Project working bee.

Tuesday 9th-Tuesday 16th and Thursday 18th-Saturday 20th August: Ron with Greg and other volunteers planting native plants throughout Brownhill Creek Recreation Park to improve biodiversity and habitat. Greg and Ron also did landscaping.

Wednesday 17th August: Green Adelaide article on the Kaurna Shelter Tree Project:

Wednesday 17th August: Mercedes College Year 4’s with Ron Bellchambers for a regular working bee.

Sunday 21st August: Unceded Seeded (Ngampa) launch of First Nation’s artist Brad Darkson’s amazing neon artwork. Brad was inspired by the Yam Daisies planted at the Kaurna Shelter Tree in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park and worked in consultation with Auntie Lynette Crocker. Ron Bellchambers represented BCA.

Unceded Seeded (Ngampa)

IMG_3203 2

Brad Darkson and Auntie Lynette Crocker

Monday 22nd-Thursday 25th August: Ron and Greg did planting and mulching around The White Bridge.

Friday 26th August: Senior Ranger Sam Everingham and Ron prepare an area for planting in the Lions Park, in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. Greg improves a track to divert mountain bikes.

Saturday 27th August: Friends of Brownhill Creek Recreation Park monthly working bee. Planting in the Lions Park to improve habitat for native birds, butterflies and native bees.


JULY 2022

Tuesday 5th July: ECS contractors clearing around significant river red gums along the Wirraparinga Trail. Ron supervising.Tuesday 5th July: BCA Education and Revegetation Committee meeting

Wednesday 6th July: SourSob Bob contractors clearing around manna gums above the Southern Brown Bandicoot colony. Ron supervising.

Wednesday 6th July: 1,000 native plants collected by Ron from State Flora

Friday 8th-Wednesday 14th July: Ron and Greg work at Kaurna Shelter Tree site.

Friday 15th July: Active Tree Services climber removes pines. Ron supervising.


Thursday 21st July and Saturday 23rd July: Mitcham Rotary Club volunteers and Ron Bellchambers planted, mulched and removed tree guards off older plants. 

Mitcham Rotary Club volunteers with Ron Bellchambers: Kaurna Shelter Tree working bees


*All month planting


JUNE 2022

Wednesday 1st June: Saving Significant Trees in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park Project, organised by BCA and involving SourSob Bob’s contractors.

Significant trees protected by removing olives in their root zones.


Sunday 5th June: Mitcham Historical Society High Tea at Scotch College. A wonderful opportunity to connect with others about local heritage.

Mid Year High Tea 2022


Ron Bellchambers with Cr Andrew Tilley at the MHS High Tea.


Tuesday 14th June:

Saving Significant Trees Project with Environmental Contracting Services


Tuesday 14th June: BCA Steering Committee meeting


Thursday 16th June: BCA Ed & Reveg meeting.


Monday 20th June: BCA Ed & Reveg Committee Student Leaders’ Day Workshop. Key students from 5 local schools were trained / mentored to be environmental restoration leaders, ready for future whole school planting days. Thank you to the organisers, especially Vanessa Greenslade and Wayne Meyer.


Professor Wayne Meyer addressing the group, with Senior Ranger Sam Everingham and Dr Katja Hogendoorn alongside.

Ron Bellchambers on the auger


Restoring understorey in juvenile Grey Box Grassy Woodland


Dr Katja Hogendoom native bee expert helping students to provide increased habitat for native bees


Students busily planting to control erosion

Uncle Jeffrey Newchurch provided his knowledge and support for the planting day and has worked closely with Ron for 11 years


Wednesday 22 June: Mercedes College Year 4 working bee at the Kaurna Shelter Tree with Ron Bellchambers. The Year 4’s come every two weeks for heritage lessons, weeding, planting and general community service activities.

Ron Bellchambers talking to Mercedes College Year 4 students


Ron Bellchambers leading a weeding workshop


Saturday 25 June: Friends of Brownhill Creek Recreation Park monthly working bee.


MAY 2022

Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th May: Weeding and Mulching of creek plantings near the Kaurna Shelter Tree. Thanks to Senior Ranger Sam Everingham for organising the fire crew and thanks to the fire crew and Greg.

Ron, Greg and DEW Fire Crew – Kaurna Shelter Tree


Greg and DEW Fire Crew spreading mulch


Friday 6th May: Opening of the Victoria Park Wetland Project, an important part of the Brownhill and Keswick Creek Stormwater Management Project. Thank you to Cr Andrew Tilley, the BHKC Stormwater Management Project team and the Stormwater Management Board.

Wetland Opening Invitation

Opening of wetlands – from left to right: Howard Lacy (Brown Hill and Keswick Creeks Stormwater Board member), Mayor Heather Holmes-Ross (Mitcham Council), Cr Andrew Tilley (Mitcham Council, Rob Gregory (Brown Hill and Keswick Creeks Stormwater Board member), Judith Choate ( Chairperson (Brown Hill and Keswick Creeks Stormwater Board), Former Mayor of Mitcham Michael Picton.


Sunday 8th May and Sunday 22nd May – South Australian History Festival: Ron Bellchambers led two heritage walks in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. Thank you to Mitcham Historical Society for organising the event, especially Ian Strout and Joanna Wells.

SA History Festival Heritage Walk – Ron Bellchambers BCA & Mitcham Historical Society


SA History Festival 2022


Sunday 15th May: Urban Rivers and Catchments Forum at Mitcham Library.

Labor’s Plan to Fix South Australia’s Urban Rivers and Catchments

Urban Rivers – Factsheet

Labors’s Urban Rivers and Catchments Plan Launch – Mitcham Library


*Rest of May: Souther Brown Bandicoot project, weed control works and infrastructure upgrades to rock crossings.

Sunday 29th May: National Parks & Wildlife Service Volunteer Day at Belair National Park. Thank you to the organisers for making the volunteers so welcome.

Tuesday 31st May: BCA Education & Revegetation Committee meeting.


APRIL 2022

*Major weed control contractor works all month, organised and supervised by Brownhill Creek Association.


MARCH 2022

Tuesday 1 March 2022: Scotch College teacher David Pace brought his Junior School students to the Kaurna Shelter Tree to learn about heritage from BCA volunteer Ron Bellchambers. The students then visited their native revegetation and habitat restoration site adjacent to the Kaurna Shelter Tree.


Tuesday 8 March 2022: BCA Steering Committee meeting.


Friday 11 March 2022: Bolstering Bandicoots in Brownhill Creek Project – setting camera traps.


Saturday 12 March – Tuesday 15 March 2022: Four days of watering plants at the Kaurna Shelter Tree, weeding and beginning stage 2 of the project.


Monday 21 March 2022: Steven Hoefpner brings a children’s group to learn about the Kaurna Shelter Tree and to plant Yam Daisies.

Ron Bellchambers with Steven Hoefpner on right


Wednesday 21 March 2022: Saving Significant Trees Community Project begins with Environmental Contracting Services contractors Fletch and AJ clearing ash and olives from the root zone of a remnant River Red Gum.

Before clearing woody weeds

After clearing woody weeds

ECS contractors Fletch and AJ


Wednesday 23 March 2022: Kaurna Shelter Tree Project Stage 2 – Stabilising creek bank erosion and creating a safe and culturally sensitive viewing area using dry stone walling. Contractor Cr. Andrew Tilley and volunteer Greg Szymaniak are doing amazing work. The area will be softened with $2,000 worth of native plants, to be planted by volunteers in June. The sedges, rushes and grasses will further control erosion and improve biodiversity and habitat.

Creek bank erosion

Starting work


Saturday 26 March 2022: Friends of Brownhill Creek monthly working bee.

Angus Russell hand weeding

Friends of Brownhill Creek members enjoying a well earned rest! From left to right: Luke Frankham, Angus Russell, Wayne Meyer and Peter Reeve. Photographer Peter Dillon.


Thursday 31 March 2022: Urrbrae TAFE lecturer Douglas Clarke brought his class for a day of practice brush cutting, hand weeding and drill and fill work.

Much appreciated!!!!!!



Tuesday 1st February: Greater Adelaide Freight Bypass meeting with Save Our Roads SA. BCA has two members on the campaign committee.


Friday 4th February: BCA weed control contractor works: Drill and fill ash and willow stumps by EBS Restoration.


Wednesday 9th February, Wednesday 16 February and Wednesday 23 February: Scotch College teacher Rob Stillwell brought his Outdoor Education students to Brownhill Creek Recreation Park to learn about the Park’s heritage, environment and community activities from Ron Bellchambers. The students also carried out community service, through hand weeding. They did an amazing job with enthusiasm and care!


Tuesday 15 February: Greater Adelaide Freight Bypass committee meeting.


Saturday 26 February: Friends of Brownhill Creek working bee.



BCA Projects in 2022:

  • Organise and report on major weed control contractor works in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park, following a BHC Recreation Park Management Plan.
  • Continue supporting the Friends of Brownhill Creek monthly working bees (last Saturday morning of every month).
  • Kaurna Shelter Tree Project: Stage 2

Kaurna Shelter Tree Project-Update

  • Work with the Friends of Brownhill Creek on the Friends of Parks Small Grant 2021-2022. This project requires setting up a Southern Brown Bandicoot Conservation Zone.
  • Work as a partner group on the Green Adelaide / Adelaide University Bolstering Bandicoots in Green Adelaide Project. 

  • Work with local schools on environmental and heritage excursions, workshops, volunteer activities, community service and major schools’ days. This is coordinated through BCA’s Education & Revegetation Committee involving five schools, Green Adelaide Education Officers and DEW Rangers.
  • Work on the Saving Significant Trees Community Project in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. This will involve weed control around the base of numerous remnant and significant trees that are under threat from olives, ash and other woody weeds.
  • Continue lobbying to improve the growing conditions for the Monarch of the Glen Kaurna Shelter Tree in Brownhill Creek Tourist Park.
  • Play an active part in the Greater Adelaide Freight Bypass Campaign to improve liveability in Adelaide, in line with Adelaide as a National Park City, and protect our urban environment and heritage.
  • Continue working with Kaurna Elders and the Kaurna community on a range of projects.
  • Continue our partnership with DEW, Mitcham Historical Society, Rotary and local volunteers on a range of projects.
  • Support local green initiatives such as The Bee Hub.

Another busy and rewarding year ahead! 

*January has been a busy month for finalising grant applications, watering native plants, weed control and numerous meetings for the Greater Adelaide Freight Bypass campaign.



Saturday 4th December: Afternoon meeting with Sam Everingham, Senior Ranger for the National Parks & Wildlife Service South Australia to discuss our ongoing partnership activities in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. The community is fortunate to have such a dedicated, hardworking, caring and skilled ranger for Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. Let’s hope that he stays permanently!


Tuesday 7th December: Mitcham Historical Society (MHS) Christmas Function. BCA is closely aligned with MHS as a partner organisation.

Christmas Function 2021


Wednesday 8th December: Zoom meeting with Nicolle Flint MP regarding the Greater Adelaide Freight Bypass.


Wednesday 8th December: PowerPoint presentation by Ron Bellchambers to Mitcham Rotary Club. As the Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek is closing at the end of 2021, Mitcham Rotary Club is kindly offering to carry on the wonderful support that Rotary has provided over the years for our local environment and heritage projects.

Bulletin Vol 60 Issue 22


Saturday 11th December: The Friends of Brownhill Creek Christmas morning tea. What an amazing year of hard and rewarding working bees in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park! BCA and the FOBHC have completed so many projects together in 2021!


Monday 13th – Thursday 16th December: EBS weed control works in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park, organised by BCA. Olive, ash and a variety of other woody weeds to be controlled. Images before and during weed control.

Woody Weed Control



Merry Christmas 2021 everyone. Have a safe and happy time.



Monday 1st November: Meeting with Our Roads SA on the Greater Adelaide Freight Bypass campaign. Planning meeting with Dr Jasmin Packer and her team on the Southern Brown Bandicoot Project.


Friday 5th November: BCA with EBS on weed control works.

EBS contractors at the White Bridge revegetation site


Monday 8th November: Minister David Speirs MP confirms that the Friends of Brownhill Creek (BCA’s partner group) will receive a Friends of Parks Small Grant for a Bandicoot Conservation Project.

21EW0015400_ELLIS 2


Friday 12th November: Ron Bellchambers joined volunteers at the Southern Brown Bandicoot site in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park to carry out weed control and maintain native plants already planted.

From left to right: Oliver McCarthy, Alison McCarthy, Jasmin Packer, Wendy Stubbs and Libby Stubbs.


Saturday 13th November: Fundraiser for Community Alliance SA. BCA is a member of CASA.

CASA Bond purple hyperlink v2[4][2][2][3]


Thursday 18 November: Greater Adelaide Freight Bypass Public Meeting at Scotch College Chapel. A large crowd of concerned citizens gathered to hear about the threat posed to our local environment and heritage if Cross Road becomes the heavy freight connector to the North South Corridor.

Cross Road as a Designated Freight Corridor? – Amended


Saturday 27th November: Friends of Brownhill Creek working bee in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park.



Monday 4th October: Dr Peter Dillon is a member of BCA’s Steering Committee, an Hon Research Fellow CSIRO Land and Water and a keen member of the Friends of Brownhill Creek. Peter is undertaking an ongoing water quality survey of Brownhill Creek / Willawilla.

Brownhill Creek-water quality study

Dr Peter Dillon undertaking a water quality survey in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park


Wednesday 6 October 2021: Community Alliance SA AGM and Community Forum. BCA is a member of CASA and a close partner.


Saturday 9 October: Pelzer Prize winners event at Glenthorne National Park with Minister David Speirs MP.


Sunday 10 October: Ron Bellchambers briefed members of Mitcham Rotary Club on BCA’s work in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. The Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek is due to close at the end of 2021 and Mitcham Rotary Club have kindly offered to continue Rotary’s environmental support.


Tuesday 19 October: BCA’s annual Education and Revegetation Committee Schools’ Environment Day in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. This was another successful event involving around 300 students, staff and helpers from 4 schools. Allan Sumner rewarded us with a powerful Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony and Professor Chris Daniels (Chair Green Adelaide) gave an enthusiastic key note speech. Thank you to everyone that organised the day!

Brownhill Creek Environmental Education Day V3

Kaurna Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony: Allan Sumner

Professor Chris Daniels: Keynote Speaker


Sunday 24th October: Native Bee Walk-shop organised by BCA member and owner of The Bee Hub, Rossi Von der Borch. The informative and inspiring walk-shop was led by Dr Katja Hogendoorn from Adelaide University.

Native Bee Walk-shop



Monday 13 September: Eco-Arts Red Gum Trail Workshop. BCA is partnering in this amazing initiative:

Eco-Arts Red Gum Trail [The Broad Vision]
An immersive, Geographic Information System (GIS) enabled, self-select trail network across the River Red Gum landscapes and assets of Australia.

Eco-Arts Red Gum Trail Workshop – Background Notes


Friday 17 September 2021: TAFE lecturer Douglas Clarke brought his students to Brownhill Creek Recreation Park to practice brush cutting. Ron Bellchambers worked with the group.


Monday 20 September: Urrbrae Agricultural High School teacher and Urrbrae Wetlands Manager Vanessa Greenslade brought her environmental class to weed at the Kaurna Shelter Tree site. Ron Bellchambers and Jeremy Gramp (Green Adelaide Education) worked with the group.


Saturday  25 September: Friends of Brownhill Creek monthly working bee plus Dog Owner Survey conducted by Dr Jasmin Packer and her team from Adelaide University: Professor Anna Chur-Hansen (School of Psychology), Dr Mark Kohler and Nusrat Asad. Rod Ellis (Secretary of the Friends of Brownhill Creek) and Ron Bellchambers called in on the survey.


Monday 27 September: Planning meeting on-site with Matt Lang (DEW), Sam Everingham (DEW), Jen Pitman(DEW), Cr Andrew Tilley and Ron Bellchambers regarding Stage 2 of the Kaurna Shelter Tree Project.

  • Please note that throughout September volunteer weed control work and grant application writing were undertaken.



Monday 2 August: Planting 1,000 native plants behind the weir at the entrance to Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. Using a Green Adelaide Grass Roots Grant BCA organised the planting to stabilise the creek bank and improve native biodiversity and habitat. EBS Restoration did a great job! Thanks to Operations Manager Grant Glazier, Sean and the team.


Monday 10th and Thursday 12th August: Scotch College Year 11 & 12 Outdoor Education students spent the afternoon in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park, undertaking a heritage walk and weeding around new native plantings. A big thank you to teacher Julia Vine and her students for their enthusiasm and hard work.


Saturday 14 August: Science Week activity in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. Thank you to Rossi Von Der Borch from The Bee Hub for hosting the event and to Dr Jasmin Packer and her BandiBunch team, Kaurna Elder Auntie Lynette Crocker, Chris Brodie, Wayne Meyer and Gus for running workshops.

Auntie Lynette Crocker giving a Welcome to Country


Thursday 26 August: Congratulations to Jill Woodland for winning the inaugural Pelzer Prize 2021 and to the 12 Pelzer Prize winners in their categories. Ron Bellchambers was a Pelzer Prize winner for Associations and Friends of Parks. This award very much reflects the dedication and hard work of BCA and Friends of Brownhill Creek members. Thank you to the Hon Premier Steven Marshall MP, Environment Minister David Speirs MP, Professor Chris Daniels (Green Adelaide) and The Advertiser. A special thanks to Sam Duluk MP for the nomination, Clare Peddie (Climate and Environment Editor) and Auntie Lynette Crocker.

PREM – B1127522 – Premier’s letter to Ron Bellchambers – Pelzer Prize 2021 – Congratulations


Sunday 29 August: Meeting with Kaurna Elders and Kaurna Raw Services, along with tree planting at Glenthorne National Park.


August: Thank you to Scotch College, in particular Ieva Hampson, for the wonderful article in Scotch Reports. The article celebrates the very successful Kaurna Shelter Tree Project, ran by BCA and Scotch College. We partnered with Kaurna Elders, Kaurna artist Allan Sumner, Mitcham Historical Society, the Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek, the Suzanne Elliott Charitable Trust, The Friends of Brownhill Creek, DEW and the community. Thanks to Nicolle Flint MP, Federal Member for Boothby, and Sam Duluk MP, State Member for Waite. The Federal Government Communities Environment Program Grant was matched by cash and in-kind contributions from our partners.



JULY 2021

Sunday 4th – Sunday 11th July: NAIDOC Week.

Google NAIDOC Week SA for more information.

Kaurna Repatriation – Bring Old People Home: Uncle Jeffrey Newchurch (for some reason the link does not work, but if you cut and paste the link into your search bar it works). Very important and moving presentation by Uncle Jeffrey. 

Return to Country Video:


Monday 19 July: Scotch College Staff Development Day (Inclusive Community).

Term 3 Staff Professional Learning Day 2021

Presenters from left to right: Uncle Mickey O’Brien; Tikari Rigney; Ron Bellchambers; Tjimari Sanderson-Milera

Welcome to Country: Uncle Mickey O’Brien


Additional July activities:

  • Thursday 15th, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th July: Planting days.
  • Phone meetings with Auntie Lynette Crocker and Green Adelaide.
  • Thursday 1 July: PowerPoint presentation to the Emmaus Parish Daytime Men’s Group by Ron Bellchambers. The group was keen to learn about BCA’s volunteer work.


Tuesday 27 July: Kaurna Shelter Tree Project recognised in the Advertiser.


JUNE 2021

Tuesday 1 June: Planting at the Kaurna Shelter Tree. 


Friday 4th, Saturday 5th, Sunday 6th, Monday 7th, Saturday 12th, Sunday 13th and Sunday 26th June: Community and Friends of Brownhill Creek working bees at the Kaurna Shelter Tree (planting, guarding, mulching and landscaping).

From left to right: Ron Bellchambers; Alison McCarthy; Angus Russell; Chloe Todd; Don Wulff; Mimi Johnson (Gary Belder missing from photo).


Tuesday 22 June: Recognition in Parliament by Sam Duluk MP (Member for Waite) and Minister David Speirs MP (Minister for Environment and Water).


Monday 28 June: Mitcham Girls High Environment Elective Class working bee in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. Thanks to Sharyn Clarke for organising the day.


MAY 2021

SA History Festival

Ron Bellchambers (Brownhill Creek Recreation Park) and Cr Andrew Tilley (Ellison’s Gully) held two heritage walks each.

A highlight of the SA History Festival was Kaurna engagement.

Ron Bellchambers with Auntie Lynette Crocker and Uncle Jeffrey Newchurch at the Between Two Worlds event.

History Festival 2021 – DL Launch Invitation Single Sided – Web FA

Auntie Lynette Crocker addressing the opening of the SA History Festival at the Torrens Parade Ground.


Friday 14 May: Kaurna Cultural Burn


Friday 28 May: Ron Bellchambers collecting native plants from State Flora for the last planting at the Kaurna Shelter Tree.


APRIL 2021

Wednesday 7 April: Green Adelaide’s first community forum. John Wood and Ron Bellchambers represented BCA and Mitcham Historical Society. Google Green Adelaide for more information.


Wednesday 14 April: Kaurna engagement meeting at the Kaurna Shelter Tree.


Sunday 25 April – Sunday 2 May: Southern Brown Bandicoot Project in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. A successful partnership between Dr Jasmin Packer’s BandiBunch team from Adelaide University, BCA and local residents. Thank you to Rossi Van der Borch, Belinda Sziller, Chloe Todd, Peter Dillon, Budi Sulistiyanto and the BandiBunch team for braving the freezing cold dawn starts and following up again each afternoon. Very exciting to know that we have a breeding colony in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park! An even bigger project is planned for next year!

Dr Jasmin Packer (Adelaide University)


MARCH 2021

Whole month of campaigning, lobbying and contributing to positive outcomes for Urrbrae Gatehouse. Meetings with Carolyn Power MP (Member for Elder), Sam Duluk MP (Member for Waite) and Steve Murray MP (Member for Davenport). Numerous meetings with Department for Infrastructure and Transport staff and Adelaide University staff from the Waite Campus.


Saturday 13 March: Monthly watering of the native garden at the Kaurna Shelter Tree by project manager Ron Bellchambers.


Tuesday 30 March: Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek event at the Kaurna Shelter Tree.



Wednesday 3 February: Weed contractor work in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park organised by BCA.


Friday 5 February: 30 cubic metres of mulch delivered for Kaurna Shelter Tree Project and a meeting of the Save the Gatehouse Committee at the office of Sam Duluk MP.


Sunday 7 February: Volunteers spread 30 cubic metres of cured, pure Eucalyptus mulch under the Kaurna Birthing / Shelter Tree.


Volunteers from left to right: Alex Aungles; Gary Belder; Tim Russell; Alison McCarthy; Simon Firth; Rossi Von Der Borch; Cr Andrew Tilley; Belinda Sziller (kneeling) and Ron Bellchambers (volunteer & photographer).


Tuesday 9 February: Rob Stillwell, Head of Outdoor Education Scotch College, and his Year 11 & 12 students, visited Brownhill Creek Recreation Park for a 1.5 hour Heritage Tour and briefing on the park by BCA’s Ron Bellchambers.


Monday 22 February: Submission lodged with the Department for Infrastructure and Transport regarding the relocation of the Gatehouse.



Tuesday 16 February: Rob Stillwell, Head of Outdoor Education Scotch College, and his Year 11 & 12 students, returned to Brownhill Creek Recreation Park to spread 4.5 tonnes of gravel for the Kaurna Birthing Tree Project. Great effort!


Tuesday 23 February: Three Year 5 & 6 classes from Scotch College Junior School visited the Kaurna Birthing Tree site for heritage and environment sessions and to take photos at their photo points. The students are involved in the Grey Box Grassy Woodland revegetation area and will be planting the final stage of the Kaurna Birthing Tree native garden in June. Their teacher David Pace has done an amazing job over many years. Sam Duluk MP, State Member for Waite, is an enthusiastic supporter of local volunteer projects and spoke well to the students. Ron Bellchambers (BCA) conducted two sessions.


Thursday 25 February: Planting Yam Daisies for Kaurna Elder Auntie Lynette Crocker. Kaurna bush tucker site at the Kaurna Shelter Tree.



Wednesday 20 January: Mitcham Historical Society/BCA meeting with Tom Koutsantonis MP and Jayne Stinson MP at Parliament House. The meeting involved discussions about finding a way to divert heavy road freight away from our suburbs. 


Saturday 23 January: Save the Gatehouse booth at Mitcham Shopping Centre. 

Joanna Wells and Ron Bellchambers informing the public about the Gatehouse.

Sam Duluk MP, Member for Waite (on right), working hard to save our heritage in Waite. Thanks also to Warren Jones (Protect Our Heritage), John Wood, Geoff Sauer and Joanna Wells (Mitcham Historical Society).


WAITE GATEHOUSE PETITION (link to hard copy for Parliament):


Please show your support at the rally.


Sunday 31 January: Close to 1,000 people attended the Save the Gatehouse Rally! A strong message has been sent to the government to protect our State Heritage Listed Assets and work together to achieve a win-win!

Thank you to Sam Duluk MP, Mitcham Historical Society, Brownhill Creek Association and Protect our Heritage SA. Mitcham Council and the University of Adelaide have given wonderful support.

Relocation of Gatehouse-The Latest

Crowd Funding for Save the Gatehouse Campaign: Please click on link below.


Saturday 30 January: Friends of Brownhill Creek Working Bee in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park.


Thursday 3 December: Weed control assessment and planning session in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. Thanks to Professor Wayne Meyer, Marcus Beresford, Luke Frankham and Ron Bellchambers.

Sunday 6 December: Public Rally to Save Urrbrae Gatehouse.


Open letter to Premier – Waite lodge and trees – 16December2020 2

Relocation of Gatehouse-The Latest

Committee_Hansard 2020_12_10 Cross Rd Intersection corrected

Iconic State Heritage Listed Urrbrae Gatehouse has been externally restored and can be internally renovated as part of the relocation.

Tuesday 8 December: BCA Committee Meeting.

Friday 11 December: Meeting at National Trust of South Australia Beaumont House to plan a campaign to save the Gatehouse.

Wednesday 16 December: Meeting with Kat Hill (Green Adelaide) to develop native plant lists for 2021 planting.

Thursday 17 December: BCA organised weed control contractor works.

Saturday 19 December: A well deserved Friends of Brownhill Creek end of year morning tea!

Monday 21 December: Phone meeting with Nicolle Flint MP, Federal Member for Boothby. Nicolle secured Federal Government funding for 50% of the Cross Road and Fullarton Road Intersection Upgrade, but favours the relocation of the Gatehouse and the diversion of heavy road freight from the suburbs of Adelaide.

Tuesday 22 December: Meeting with Minister Corey Wingard (Minister for Infrastructure and Transport) and Jon Whelan (Department for Infrastructure and Transport) to state our case for saving the Gatehouse. Thank you to Joanna Wells, Geoff Sauer and John Wood from Mitcham Historical Society.


Sunday 1 November: Native plantings watering day.

Thursday 5 November: BCA represented at Community Alliance SA AGM – Putting the community back into planning in SA.

Wednesday 11 November: Ron Bellchambers leads a heritage excursion for Mercedes College Year 6 students.

Saturday 14 November: BCA organised weed control contractor works.

Tuesday 17 November: Sam Phillips from Green Adelaide met with Professor Wayne Meyer, Dr Peter Dillon and Ron Bellchambers to advise on creek restoration works at the Kaurna Birthing Tree site.

Monday 23 November: BCA Education and Revegetation Committee Environmental Day (unfortunately cancelled due to a thunderstorm)

Brownhill Creek Environmental Education Day-Update 2


Tuesday 6 October: Installation of Kaurna log seats for BCA/Scotch College Kaurna Birthing Tree Project

Installation of Kaurna Log Seats by Allan Sumner and MVS


Kaurna artist Allan Sumner with Ron Bellchambers

Carvings: Baby in Coolamon; Kaurna Shield; Brownhill Creek/Willawilla with campsites along creek; Possum emerging from log.

Saturday 11 October: BCA attends the Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek 50th Anniversary lunch.

Friday 16 October: Ron Bellchambers leads a Brownhill Creek Recreation Park heritage walk for Urrbrae TAFE Horticulture students.

Thursday 22 and Friday 23 October: BCA organised weed control contractor works.

Saturday 24, Friday 30 and Saturday 31 October: Kaurna Birthing Tree Native Garden working bees.

BCA and Friends of Brownhill Creek working bee at Kaurna Birthing Tree

Thursday 29 October: Aquatic Ecologist Sylvia Zukowski conducts a worksop for Urrbrae Agricultural High School students at the entrance to Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. A yabbie, frogs and native fish were caught, studied and released. Two Climbing Galaxias fish were in the net!

Climbing Galaxias Native Fish


Tuesday 8 September: BCA Committee meeting

Tuesday 15 September: BCA PowerPoint presentation to the Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek

The Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek-Kaurna Shelter Tree Project

Thursday 24 September: Visit to Kaurna ACA Studio


Saturday 1 August: Additional Friends of Brownhill Creek Working Bee

Tuesday 4 August: Meeting with Allan Sumner

Alan Deverell from the Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek and Ron Bellchambers met with Kaurna Artist Allan Sumner at Aldinga (Aboriginal Contemporary Arts). Allan Sumner is carving two red gum log seats for the Kaurna Shelter Tree Project (see APRIL-MAY 2020 below for project information) and the Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek has raised funds for the seats. Allan Sumner is creating a Kaurna Place of Reflection and Reconciliation with interpretive signage at the entrance to Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. We can’t wait for the finished result!

Wednesday 5 August: A frosty morning in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park

Saturday 8 August: Additional Friends of Brownhill Creek Planting Day

Tuesday 18 August-Wednesday 19 August: Bandicoot Project Planting (total project completed over two weeks)

Thank you to Darren Kennedy, Project Manager-Wild Futures-Conservation Volunteers Australia, for organising the Bandicoot Habitat Monitoring Site project in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. An area was cleared of invasive weeds, an enclosure built, native plants planted and bandicoot shelters installed. The bandicoots can move freely in and out of the enclosure. The site will be monitored and data collated. Rod Ellis, Secretary of the Friends of Brownhill Creek (FOBHC), organised the native plants, while Darren Kennedy and Emily (Conservation Volunteers Australia), Chris Thompson (FOBHC) and Ron Bellchambers (FOBHC / BCA) worked on the project. The National Parks and Wildlife Service supported the project.

From left to right: Darren Kennedy; Ron Bellchambers; Chris Thompson

From left to right: Darren Kennedy; Emily; Chris Thompson

Saturday 29 August: Friends of Brownhill Creek Working Bee (Planting Day)

From left to right: Wayne Meyer, Chloe Todd, Emrys Leitch, Stefan Caddy-Retalic, Peter Reeve, Simon Firth.


JULY 2020

Tuesday 14 July: Meeting Carrick Hill

A very positive meeting with Tony Kanellos, the new Director of Carrick Hill. Carrick Hill is a partner in the Wirraparinga Loop Trail Project.

Tuesday 15 July: Meeting with Kat Hill, NRM Volunteer Support Officer

Thank you Kat for your dedicated Volunteer Support over many years! Kat has always made herself available for logistical support, while her people skills and knowledge are just what volunteers need.

Photo: Kat Hill addressing the Green Army team before woody weed clearance and habitat restoration in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. 

Tuesday 21 July: University of Adelaide Waite Campus Meeting  

A very positive meeting with Professor Martin Cole, the new Head of School (Agriculture, Food and Wine) at the Waite Campus. A productive partnership with the Waite will benefit the whole community and expand the overall heritage and tourism precinct. Urrbrae House, the Waite Arboretum and world class scientific facilities are a drawcard for visitors.

Thursday 23 July: Meeting at the Kaurna Shelter Tree

Ministerial advisors for Nicolle Flint MP (Federal Member for Boothby) and Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham ( Senator for SA and Minister for Tourism) met at the Kaurna Shelter Tree to discuss the project and assess further Federal Government support.

Saturday 25 July: Friends of Brownhill Creek Working Bee

Tuesday 28 July: BCA Education & Revegetation Committee  Meeting

BrownHill Creek Minutes 28th July 2020

Wednesday 29 July: Meeting Volunteer Support

A meeting was organised by Richard de Groot and Jen Pitman (District Ranger Adelaide and Mount Lofty Region | Central Lofty District) from National Parks and Wildlife Service (formerly DEW) at the Volunteer Centre – Belair National Park. Volunteer groups working on parks in the Central Lofty Region were invited to receive a briefing on changes to Volunteer Support. With the change from the AMLRNRM Board to the Green Adelaide Board, NRM to Landscapes SA, the NRM Volunteer Support Program has been cancelled and National Parks will provide Volunteer Support for volunteers working in State Parks. The Green Adelaide Board will run a Volunteer Support Program for volunteers working outside of State Parks. There may be an overlap as BCA / FOBHC volunteers work both in and outside of Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. Thank you to Richard and Jen for holding the meeting in the midst of all of these changes. There is a lot to work through and a follow-up meeting will be held in 6 months time.

Friday 31 July: Meeting at Waite Campus

Another very positive meeting at the Waite. Joanna Wells (Mitcham Historical Society) and Ron Bellchambers (BCA & Mitcham Historical Society) met with Mark Branson (Waite Campus Infrastructure Manager) and Kate Delaporte (Curator of the Waite Arboretum) to discuss the situation surrounding the proposed upgrade of the Fullarton Road / Cross Road Intersection. The Waite is still awaiting a meeting with DPTI for detailed plans. At risk is the heritage Gatehouse / ‘The Lodge’ (1883) and significant trees (1877). We hope to achieve a win / win for an intersection upgrade that safeguards The Lodge and avoids or minimises tree loss. We also discussed opportunities for community partnerships with the Waite on a variety of projects. 

*Throughout July a new volunteer, Chris Thompson, joined with Ron Bellchambers to work for many hours brush cutting and preparing areas for volunteer planting in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. Friends of Brownhill Creek members and local residents have put in extra Saturday mornings to hand weed and plant. A huge effort! Thank you to all involved.


JUNE 2020

Wednesday 3 June: Karen Lane

Karen Lane visited our latest revegetation site in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park (above The White Bridge). Karen is a living legend and is retiring after collecting local seeds and supplying native seedlings for 21 years to volunteer groups, private landowners, councils and State Government departments. In the five years previous to setting up her business Growing Bush, Karen spent five years volunteering on Bush for Life sites. Overall Karen has worked for 26 years without a break! On behalf of everyone, thank you so much. What a legacy you have left. Karen is continuing her passion for bush care on her own property on Hindmarsh Island.

Tuesday 9 June: BCA Committee Meeting

Thursday 18 June: Annual Assessment of Progress in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park:

A two hour walk-through of the park was made by Eric de Smit (DEW Senior Ranger), Professor Wayne Meyer and Ron Bellchambers to assess the 2019-2020 financial year contractor works and progress being made by volunteers. The financial summary table below shows that for a government outlay of $23,788.00 we generated $110,009.30 of total activity (a 4.6 multiplier) in the 2019-2020 financial year. Visitation to Brownhill Creek Recreation Park has increased dramatically and we have been overwhelmed by positive feedback from visitors about improvements in the park’s function, aesthetics and biodiversity.

*An additional meeting with DEW was held to discuss the upgrading of signage for Brownhill Creek Recreation Park.

Saturday 27 June: Friends of Brownhill Creek Working Bee


APRIL – MAY 2020

Due to COVID-19, planning through online meetings has taken place

Kaurna Shelter Tree Project: Summary and Concept Plan

Kaurna Shelter Tree Project Brief-Update 

Kaurna shelter tree concept 2020 04 06

Saturday 27 May: Friends of Brownhill Creek Working Bee:

After COVID-19 restrictions are lifted our group volunteer work resumed in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park! 


MARCH 2020

Clearing of non-heritage woody weeds that were outcompeting the Kaurna Shelter Tree and other significant trees at the entrance to Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. Mechanical Vegetation Solutions (MVS) did a great job as always, carefully protecting all significant trees. The clearance of weeds will allow for the restoration of the creek (riparian zone).



Kaurna Shelter / Birthing Tree now thriving, free of competing woody weeds

*Weed control contractor works continue throughout Brownhill Creek Recreation Park as part of five year program run by BCA and the Friends of Brownhill Creek. This work is funded by a grant from Minister David Speirs and Sam Duluk MP and we are pleased to have the support of the National Parks and Wildlife Service.



Afternoon with renowned Kaurna artist Allan Sumner (Aboriginal Contemporary Arts) and Cr Andrew Tilley, discussing the Kaurna Shelter Tree Project.



Happy New Year!

2020 is filled with new and exciting projects. 

The Kaurna Shelter Tree Project is the first and is set to begin!

2018 Tree evaluation EPA J9161 Tree Management-Brownhill Creek Cons Pk 250518KK

KNCHA Letter of Support for the Kaurna Shelter Tree Project-Communities Environment Program Grant

Landholder approval letter – Grants SA 2018-19 signed copy



A passion for sustainability!

Thank you to all of our volunteers and partner groups for another amazing year of achievements. Merry Christmas!



*The work of BCA’s Education and Revegetation Committee and partner groups has been recognised on page 14 in the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Achieve 2018-2019 report.


3 November:  NRM Education – Weekly Digest

On 24 October 48 students from 34 schools across South Australia gathered at Cleland Wildlife Park to display their Youth Environment Council projects and receive their certificates of completion. Minister for Environment and Water David Speirs MP was impressive, taking plenty of time to interact with the students while showing a genuine interest in their projects! 

Mimi Johnson displaying her Youth Environment Council project on Brown Hill Creek. Mimi is an Urrbrae Agricultural High School student and volunteer member of the Friends of Brownhill Creek.

Tuesday 5 November:

BCA committee meeting.



Thursday 10 October:

The City of Mitcham / Mitcham Heritage Research Centre (Local History Service) heritage film night at Mitcham Library. Wonderful films narrated by Richard Harris and Roger Grigg covered their historic walks in Mitcham Historic Village and Brownhill Creek. Thank you to Cassie Quinn (Centre Facilitator – Mitcham Cultural Village & Mitcham Community Centre) and Mark Winders (Mitcham Heritage Research Centre) for the invitation.

Saturday 12 October:

Special Friends of Brownhill Creek (FOBHC) working bee.

Monday 21 October:

Major seasonal BCA contractor works begin in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park.

Saturday 26 October:

Monthly FOBHC working bee.

Sunday 27 October:

Morning: Important discussions held and connections strengthened with the Kaurna community and Kaurna Elders at Glenthorne Park after a personal invitation extended to BCA Community Liaison Officer Ron Bellchambers by Minister David Speirs MP.

Afternoon: Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek Bob Grant Plaque Unveiling Event. Thank you to the Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek for funding the landscaping of a new picnic area in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park, including a new picnic table and bench seat (totalling $7,000). Sam Duluk MP unveiled a plaque on the bench seat, which honours the late Bob Grant who served Rotary with distinction. Bob’s family and a large group of Rotarians attended. Ron Bellchambers was kindly invited and represented BCA. Alan Deverell worked closely with BCA on the project, supported by treasurer Malcolm Lindquist.

Malcolm Lindquist addressing the group.

Sam Duluk MP preparing to unveil the plaque with Antoinette Lindquist (President of the Friends of Brownhill Creek).

Bob Grant’s family and the unveiled plaque.

Tuesday 29 October:

Wirraparinga Loop Trail Committee meeting at Carrick Hill. We are hoping for a soft launch of the trail in July 2020.



Tuesday 17 September: 10.00am-11.00am

Tom Price Plaque Unveiling Ceremony

Arguably one of the most amazing events to have occurred in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park! Premier Steven Marshall unveiled a plaque to honour the life and achievements of Tom Price, who rose from a stonecutter working on Parliament House to become Premier of South Australia. Tom was the first Labour Premier of South Australia (1905-1909) and he led a Labor-Liberal coalition government which transformed our state. BCA’s Education and Revegetation Committee chaired by Professor Wayne Meyer and Mitcham Historical Society (MHS) hosted the event and MHS funded the plaque. Ron Bellchambers was the event organiser. Stephanie McCarthy (Tom’s great-granddaughter and author of Tom’s biography Tom Price: From Stonecutter to Premier), Marcus Beresford (BCA Treasurer and heritage expert) and Ron Bellchambers worked on the wording and layout of the plaque and John Wood (MHS Chairperson) championed this heritage project. Mitcham Heritage Research Centre and Glen Woodward provided expert historical advice. Mitcham Council unanimously supported the ceremony and provided the event and traffic management. Thank you to Allan Sumner for his remarkable Welcome to Country, to Dale Bennett, Deputy Head of Scotch College, for doing such a great job as MC and thank you to the following inspirational speakers: The Hon Steven Marshall MP, Premier of South Australia; Peter Malinauskas MP, Leader of the Opposition; Cr Andrew Tilley, Boorman Ward Councillor for the City of Mitcham; Students from Scotch College, Mercedes College, Unley High School and Urrbrae Agricultural High School; Stephanie McCarthy. The 350 guests, representing 15 community groups, schools and government organisations enjoyed the beautiful morning.

Guest List

Allan Sumner’s moving Welcome to Country (Kaurna).


MC Dale Bennett, Deputy Head of Scotch College.


Premier Steven Marshall addressing the 350 guests.


Leader of the Opposition Peter Malinauskas delivering his speech.


Cr Andrew Tilley, Boorman Ward Councillor for the City of Mitcham did a wonderful job representing his council (Mayor Heather Holmes-Ross was overseas) and community. Andrew’s passionate speech on Aboriginal Reconciliation was very well received. Mitcham Council’s CEO Matthew Pears and other ward councillors attended.                                                              


Scotch College students with their presentation.


Kate Doyle from Mercedes College.


Student speakers Mimi Johnson, Urrbrae Agricultural High School and Mariane Johnstone, Unley High School with the Premier.

From left to right: Ron Bellchambers (BCA Community Liaison Officer); Auntie Lynette Crocker (Kaurna Elder); The Hon Steven Marshall MP Premier of South Australia; Stephanie McCarthy (Tom’s great-granddaughter); Peter Malinauskas MP Leader of the Opposition; Uncle Jeffrey Newchurch (Kaurna Elder); Professor Wayne Meyer (BCA Chair).

BCA Steering Committee from left to right: John Wood (Also MHS Chairperson); Marcus Beresford (BCA Treasurer); Ron Bellchambers (BCA Community Liaison Officer); Professor Wayne Meyer (BCA Chair); Rod Ellis (BCA Secretary); Dr Peter Dillon. Please note that the BCA Steering Committee is closely aligned to the Friends of Brownhill Creek and Mitcham Historical Society.


From left to right: Ron Bellchambers (BCA Community Liaison Officer and Event Organiser); Stephanie McCarthy; Keith Conlon (Chairperson SA Heritage Council).

Wednesday 25 September:

Inaugural History and Heritage Group Forum run by the City of Mitcham. A very successful event, which brought together like-minded groups from across our city. Thank you to Mitcham Council for this important initiative. BCA, the Friends of Brownhill Creek and Mitcham Historical Society were represented.



*Wonderful news that Urrbrae TAFE will remain open, at least for the Horticulture courses! Thank you to TAFE lecturers Giles Goldney and Nick Crouch, along with their amazing students, for all the help and support that they regularly provide to our BCA Ed & Reveg Committee, the Friends of Brownhill Creek and our local environment in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. Urrbrae TAFE is an important part of the fabric of our community, perfectly placed alongside Urrbrae Agricultural High School, Urrbrae Wetlands and the University of Adelaide Waite Campus. The practical Horticulture courses provide students with valuable skills and employment opportunities! 

Thursday 1 August

Nick Crouch, Senior Lecturer in Conservation and Horticulture at Urrbrae TAFE brought 11 of his students to survey the plants at our new revegetation site, undertake weeding and remove tree guards. Thank you for a very productive morning! Wayne Meyer organised the visit with Nick and Ron Bellchambers helped out.

Tuesday 27 August

Giles Goldney, Urrbrae TAFE Lecturer addresses his Certificate III Conservation and Land Management students about weed identification in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park.

Tuesday 27 August

Installation of picnic table and bench seat completed, along with landscaping and access track upgrade. Thank you to the Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek for funding the park furniture and installation. A wonderful legacy project for the new revegetation site in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. Thank you also to Matt Forte and his workers from Environmental & Trail Services (ETS).

Ron Bellchambers from BCA organised the project and helped out on-site.

Friday 30 August

Professor Sabine Dittmann, Professor for Marine Biology at Flinders University brings her Marine and Freshwater Ecology Third Year students every year to research and report on the ecology of Brownhill Creek in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. BCA’s aim is to access the data to aid our environmental works and to form a partnership between BCA’s Education and Revegetation Committee and Flinders University. A joint environmental science day could be arranged, benefitting our local primary and secondary school students.



JULY 2019

Friday 5 July

Minister’s thank you morning tea for local Friends groups at the Belair National Park Volunteer Centre. Thanks to The Friends of Belair National Park for hosting the event. Volunteers appreciated David and Sam’s personal thank you and their ongoing support.

From left to right: Angus Russell (The Friends of Brownhill Creek); Sam Duluk MP (State Member for Waite); David Speirs MP (Minister for Environment and Water); Rod Ellis (Secretary, The Friends of Brownhill Creek); Darren Kennedy (SA/NT Manager, Conservation Volunteers Australia and The Friends of Brownhill Creek); Ron Bellchambers (The Friends of Brownhill Creek and Community Liaison Officer, Brownhill Creek Association). Thank you to Wayne Gallasch (The Friends of Belair National Park) for taking the photo.

Saturday 13 July

Special FOBHC working bee in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park.

Tuesday 23 July

  • Meeting with Angus Russell, who is volunteering to upgrade the BCA website.
  • BCA Education & Revegetation Committee meeting at the Urrbrae Agricultural High School STEM Centre.

Monday 29 July

To mark National Tree Day, Sam Duluk MP (State Member for Waite) met with Scotch College teacher David Pace and Scotch students Elizabeth Mason and Sam Horley to plant a Grey Box tree (Eucalyptus Microcarpa) at the Scotch College / Friends of Brownhill Creek Grey Box Grassy Woodland revegetation site, in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. Scotch College is a member of BCA’s Education & Revegetation Committee, which also has representatives from 3 other local schools. The committee is responsible for 5 revegetation sites in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. A total of 3,501 native plants have been planted in the park by local school children in 2018-2019, along with extensive weed clearance and habitat restoration works. Sam Duluk has been a passionate and practical supporter of these environmental works.

From left to right: Sam Horley (Scotch College student); Elizabeth Mason (Scotch College student) and Sam Duluk MP State Member for Waite) with the Grey Box Grassy Woodland (Federally listed as Endangered) and Brown Hill in the background.

From left to right: David Pace (Scotch College teacher / BCA Ed & Reveg Committee); Sam Horley (Scotch College student); Elizabeth Mason (Scotch College student); Sam Duluk MP (State Member for Waite) and Ron Bellchambers (BCA Community Liaison Officer/ BCA Ed & Reveg Committee).


JUNE 2019

*BCA along with the financial and volunteer support of our partner groups generated $109,719.15 worth of on ground environmental/nature-based tourism works in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park in the 2018-2019 financial year, close to a 7 times multiplier effect, based on $16,413.00 of State Liberal Government grant money spent! This has resulted in an increase in community volunteer participation and visitation to BHC Recreation Park. We are grateful to Sam Duluk MP (State Member for Waite) and Minister for Environment and Water, David Speirs MP, for showing faith in our vision and for continuing the funding for another 4 years. 

*Mitcham Historical Society newsletter Mitcham Memories, June 2019: Mitcham Memories

Wednesday 5 June

Joint working bee between BCA/FOBHC/DEW in BHC Recreation Park.

Wednesday 12 June

Joint strategic meeting with representatives from Mitcham Historical Society and BCA and Sam Duluk MP.

Thursday 13 June

TAFE students led by lecturer Giles Goldney undertake works in BHC Recreation Park. Much appreciated!

Tuesday 18 June

Annual progress meeting with DEW staff to assess the 2018-2019 financial year works completed and to plan for the 2019-2020 financial year works in BHC Recreation Park.

Wednesday 19 June

Did you know that Mitcham Historical Society (MHS) was formed after a successful campaign to prevent the Edinburgh Hotel from demolition in the 1970’s! MHS founding members also helped to create the historic Mitcham Village precinct! BCA enjoys a very close partnership with MHS, protecting and enhancing our local built and natural heritage.

Tuesday 25 June

BCA Steering Committee meeting


MAY 2019

Sunday 26 May: 1.30pm-4.30pm (Guided Tour: Ron Bellchambers)

Sunday 5 May and Sunday 19 May: 1.30pm-4.00pm (Guided Tour: Cr. Andrew Tilley)

Tuesday 7 May

BCA Education & Revegetation Committee Meeting (hosted by Urrbrae Agricultural High School).

Wednesday 15 May

Meeting with Mitcham Council regarding flood mitigation initiatives that BCA supports.

Thursday 16 & 23 May

Supervision of contractor works in BHC Recreation Park.

Saturday 25 May

Trees for Life event at Carrick Hill: Launch of the Beyond Carrick Hill booklet.

*May contractor works to improve trail access for the public and for volunteer revegetation and habitat restoration programmes. Thank you to The Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek for funding this work by Environmental & Trail Services (ETS).

Friday 31 May

Another successful annual BCA Ed &Reveg Committee Schools’ Planting Day was held on Friday 31 May 2019 at Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. 

172 students from Scotch College, Mercedes College and Urrbrae Agricultural High School were supported by teachers, parents, NRM Education Officers Jeremy Gramp and Steve Walker, NRM Support Officer Sophie Bass, DEW Ranger Jasmin Oster, and Wayne Meyer / Ron Bellchambers from Brownhill Creek Association (BCA) and The Friends of Brownhill Creek. 

1,000 native aquatic plants were planted in appropriate zones along a section of Brownhill Creek in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. Plant selection and placement was based on expert advice from DEW / NRM staff and Professor Wayne Meyer (The Friends of Brownhill Creek). Karen Lane (Growing Bush) grew the plants from locally sourced seeds and supplied them to BCA. A special thank you to the Suzanne Elliot Charitable Trust for their support of community / environmental projects. 

Apart from the planting, students weeded, carried out a site assessment and undertook frog monitoring with NRM Education Officer Steve Walker.

A fun day with beneficial outcomes for our community and local environment!


APRIL 2019

Saturday 27 April

Friends of Brownhill Creek working bee.

Tuesday 30 April

Wirraparinga Loop Trail Committee meeting


MARCH 2019

Monday 4 March:

Strategic planning meeting with Mitcham Historical Society.

Tuesday 5 March

BCA Education and Revegetation Committee meeting at Urrbrae Agricultural High School.

Tuesday 5 March:

BCA and many of our partner groups attended the Community Forum.

Saturday 30 March

Friends of Brownhill Creek working bee



Wednesday 20 February:

BCA/FOBHC/DEW/NRM Project Plan Meeting at Eastwood Natural Resources Centre. Developing a BCA 5 year work plan for Brownhill Creek Recreation Park.

From Left: Rod Ellis (Secretary & Treasurer FOBHC); Ron Bellchambers (BCA Community Liaison Officer); Professor Wayne Meyer (BCA Chair); Eric De Smit (DEW); Kurtis Madigan (DEW); Sophie Bass (NRM); Bec Brown (DEW). Please note that Jen Pitman (DEW) took the photo.

Saturday 23 February:

FOBHC working bee.

Tuesday 26 February:

Conservation Volunteers Australia/Corporate Bandicoot Day.

CVA/Corporate volunteers installed Bandicoot Bungalows in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park.

Wednesday 27 February:

Community watering of plants at new native revegetation site.



Saturday 19  January:

FOBHC/Community watering and care of new native revegetation site.

Monday 22 January:

On site meeting with the Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek.

Tuesday 29 January:

Wirraparinga Loop Trail Committee meeting at Carrick Hill.

*Ongoing contractor works for weed control/maintenance of the park (contracted by BCA).



Monday 3 December:

BCA Steering Committee meeting.

Saturday 8 December:

Community working bee.

Tuesday 11 December:

BCA represented at Mitcham Historical Society and the Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek annual Christmas events.

Saturday 15 December:

FOBHC end-of-year morning tea.



Tuesday 13 November:

Wirraparinga Loop Trail: Trail Committee planning/audit walk.

Saturday 24 November:

The Friends of Brownhill Creek (FOBHC)/local community working bee.

Tuesday 27 November:

BCA Education & Revegetation Committee meeting.



Monday 8 – Wednesday 11 October:

Latest Southern Brown Bandicoot photos from Brownhill Creek Recreation Park, courtesy of Darren Kennedy, Manager of Conservation Volunteers Australia (SA & NT). There are two filmed together! Darren is carrying out systematic monitoring to provide baseline data for conservation and restoration works.

Monday 8 October: Official Presentation of $100,000 Cheque to BCA.

Minister for Environment and Water, David Speirs MP and State Member for Waite, Sam Duluk MP, presented a cheque to BCA for $100,000. This grant is to be spent over the next five years to support the volunteer work of The Friends of Brownhill Creek and schools (coordinated by BCA’s Education and Revegetation Committee) in native revegetation and habitat restoration projects. These projects in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park are an integral part of the Connecting Communities: Wirraparinga Loop Trail Project. This grant is a vote of support for the community development work and our collective vision for the future of this environmental/cultural heritage and tourism precinct. Thank you to the large gathering of partner community groups and members!

From left to right: Sam Duluk MP, Professor Wayne Meyer, Ron Bellchambers, Minister David Speirs MP.

Considering that it was school holidays and during the working week the gathering was substantial (the apologies are too long to list). Gathered together were: Minister for Environment and Water David Speirs MP, Sam Duluk MP (State Member for Waite), Professor Wayne Meyer (BCA/The Friends of Brownhill Creek), Ron Bellchambers (BCA/FOBHC/MHS), Secretary Rod Ellis, Dr Peter Dillon & Peter Reeve (FOBHC), Vice-Chair Dave & Trish Cosh (Mitcham Historical Society), Alan & Pam Deverell/ President Antoinette & Malcolm Lindquist (Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek), Secretary Neville Haar and Richard Gellert (Mitcham Lions Club), Darren Kennedy (Manager Conservation Volunteers Australia/FOBHC), Jim McLean (Walking SA), Kurtis Madigan (Acting DEW Park Ranger for Brownhill Creek Recreation Park), Jeremy Gramp & Steve Walker (NRM Education Officers/BCA Ed & Reveg Committee), Wes Parker (Teacher Urrbrae Agricultural High School/ BCA Ed & Reveg Committee), Jordan Norman & Joshua Morrall (mentoring students from Urrbrae Agricultural High School involved in native revegetation and habitat restoration projects), Kate Frankham (student Mercedes College involved in native revegetation and habitat restoration projects) & mother Kathy, Antony Veale and Karen Collins (BCA members). All of the gathered volunteers are partners in the Connecting Communities: Wirraparinga Loop Trail Project, involving cultural heritage, education, native revegetation, habitat restoration and park maintenance. It is worth remembering that these volunteers are actively involved in many other significant community projects/community service of their own!

Saturday 6 October: Community working bee at the main revegetation site. Please meet at the car park just upstream from The White Bridge, under the large heritage Stone Pine. Please bring gloves, a bucket and a hammer (if you have one). We will be placing tree guards on the remaining native seedlings and watering if necessary.



29 September: Friends of Brownhill Creek Working Bee.

Please join The Friends of Brownhill Creek (they meet from 9.00am-12noon on the last Saturday morning of every month at the carpark just upstream from The White Bridge):


27 September: Endangered Southern Brown Bandicoot Monitoring Day in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. Thanks to Anthony Abley, District Ecologist (DEW/NRM) for leading the group. Clear actions and objectives arose from the day. Some initiatives that we are keen to be involved with and implement: 

25 September: BCA Ed & Reveg Committee meeting at Urrbrae Wetlands. Thanks to Darren Kennedy from CVA for presenting on an environmental education programme for schools. Living Classrooms is already being run by CVA in 60 Western Australian schools and will be modified for SA. An example of one package from Living Classrooms:

19 September: Establishing the final route for difficult sections of the Wirraparinga Loop Trail. Thank you to Mitcham Council Trails Officer, Justin Sexton.

18 September: BCA meeting with DEW/NRM-Planning the next 5 years of our work in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park.

15 September: Watering and maintenance of new plantings by the community. Thank you!

7 September: Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) spend a ‘Threatened Species Day’ in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park aiding the Southern Brown Bandicoot colony. A big thank you to Darren Kennedy and his volunteers.

5 September: Urrbrae Agricultural High School Year 9 Students spend a volunteer day in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. Thank you so much!


30 August: Kaurna Repatriation Ceremony at Tennyson Dunes. Kaurna remains were returned from Sweden and buried in a moving ceremony. So many remains yet to be returned to country!

Smoking Ceremony

Preparing ancestral remains for burial

Kaurna Elders Uncle Jeffrey Newchurch and Auntie Lynette Crocker signing for the ancestral remains

29 August: 
Mayoral Civic Reception for Volunteers and Community Groups.

28 August: The big annual event!
Details of the Brownhill Creek Association Education and Revegetation Committee, Schools’ Planting Day 2018:
  • Nicolle Flint MP, Federal Member for Boothby, was the keynote speaker.
  • Over 200 students, plus teachers and parents.
  • Students from Scotch College, Mercedes College and Urrbrae Agricultural High School.
  • Community groups included Brownhill Creek Association (Ed & Reveg Committee chaired by Professor Wayne Meyer), The Friends of Brownhill Creek and the Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek.
  • Park Ranger Bec Brown (DEW), NRM Support Staff Kat Hill and Sophie Harrison, NRM Education Officers Jeremy Gramp, Steve Walker and Sam Ryan.
  • Teachers Steve Wasilewski and Melissa Buske from Mercedes College, David Pace and Sue McKenzie from Scotch College, Ann-Louise Breeding from Urrbrae Agricultural High School and others.
  • 2,300 plants purchased by Kat Hill from Karen Lane (Growing Bush).
  • 35 red gums purchased by the Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek, plus $7,000.00 donated for site preparation by the Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek. Rotarian Alan Deverell organised this support.
The revegetation project at this site will improve native biodiversity and habitat, as well as improving water quality in Brownhill Creek. In addition, this project has provided access along the Wirraparinga Loop Trail, created a popular nature play area and has excited and inspired the community to connect with nature. An unexpected outcome is the increase in volunteers coming forward to help maintain this revegetation site and contribute to Brownhill Creek Recreation Park as a whole. Moreover, Urrbrae Agricultural High School has agreed to adopt this patch of the Park, backed by the Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek, the Friends of Brownhill Creek, Brownhill Creek Association, local residents and even tourists staying at the Brownhill Creek Tourist Park! This project has also attracted the attention and support of the Minister for Environment David Speirs MP, Sam Duluk MP (State Member for Waite), Nicolle Flint MP (Federal Member for Boothby) and Mitcham Council. This project has been a successful collaboration between the community and DEW/NRM. Minister David Speirs MP and Sam Duluk MP have delivered $100,000.00 in funding to support the work of The Friends of Brownhill Creek, schools and other volunteers in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park over the next five years! This builds on the successful $200,000.00 Brownhill Creek Green Army Project delivered by Nicolle Flint MP in 2017.


Preparation works for the annual BCA Education & Revegetation Schools’ Day. Clearing, brush cutting, spraying, ground preparation, burning of piles, collection and batching of 2,300 plants and logistical organisation.

MAY 2018

History Month in May

APRIL 2018

BCA NewsPage-April 2018-From Strength to Strength

MARCH 2018

Congratulations to the Kaurna Community on their successful Land Title Claim! We highly value and respect our partnership with the Kaurna Nation Cultural Heritage Association.

Kaurna people granted native title rights in Adelaide 18 years after claim – ABC News (Australian Br

Our ancestors will be smiling: Kaurna people gain native title rights


Great news for the Brown Hill Keswick Creek Stormwater Management Project.

Regional Subsidiary gazetted: Approval of BHKC – Government Gazette 27 February 2018





The Green Army Graduation was hosted by the Department of Environment Water and Natural Resources and BCA to celebrate the successful 5 month, $200,000 Green Army project in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. The enthusiastic and hard working team was led professionally by their inspirational supervisor Jodie Bambridge (Conservation Volunteers Australia). It has been an absolute privilege to work with such a wonderful group of young people and we wish them well for the future. The graduation ceremony was followed by a BBQ lunch.

From left (standing): Piers Brissenden (DEWNR); Cr Lindy Taeuber (Mitcham Council-Craigburn Ward); James Norris (Green Army); Kuol Kuol (Green Army); Lucy Duldig (Green Army); Sam Duluk MP (State Member for Davenport at the time, now State Member for Waite; Jacob Maher (Green Army); Christian Hoskin (Green Army); Micham Mayor Glenn Spear; Banjo Alpers-Kneebone (Green Army); Cr Jane Bange (Mitcham Councillor-Park Ward); Andrew Hofmann (Green Army); Stuart Taverner (at the time from the office of the Hon. Martin Hamilton-Smith MP; Nicolle Flint MP (Federal Member for Boothby); Professor Wayne Meyer (BCA Chairperson); From left (kneeling) Jodie Bambridge (Green Army Supervisor); Ron Bellchambers (BCA Community Liaison Officer)






Wirraparinga Loop Trail Update-24 August 2017

BCA NewsPage-August 2017


The Peter Nelson Trail is part of the Yurrebilla Trail and forms part of the proposed Wirraparinga Loop Trail. Among the dedicated volunteers from the Mitcham Council area were members of the Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek, Brownhill Creek Association and The Friends of Brownhill Creek. Thank you to Mitcham Council for upgrading the trail and hosting the community event.



JUNE, 2017


Brownhill Creek Green Army Project


APRIL, 2017



Green Army Brownhill Creek Project – 29 May 2017

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 12.09.32 pm


One of the external/extended hikes will leave from Mitcham Reserve at 8.30am and finish in Belair National Park for lunch. See Walking SA link for details.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 12.19.15 pm







Giles Goldney, TAFE lecturer in Conservation and Land Management and his students made two confirmed sightings of the nationally endangered (EPBC Act) Southern Brown Bandicoot (Isoodon Obesulus) in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. One confirmed sighting was at Seven Pines and one further up the valley (see map). This follows the confirmation of a colony of Southern Brown Bandicoots in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park by DEWNR ecologists and rangers and another confirmed sighting by Flinders University student Peter Reeve.

Bandicoot in BHC Recreation Park

Confirmed sightings in BHC Recreation Park






The Brownhill Creek Environmental Action Day on Friday 21st October was a successful and enjoyable event.
Thank you to the main organisers Ann-Louise Breeding (Urrbrae Wetlands Manager) and Jeremy Gramp (NRM Education), along with Garth Borroughs (Urrbrae Agricultural High School), Steve Walker (NRM Education), David Pace (Scotch College) and Professor Wayne Meyer. Thanks also to the Urrbrae students who provided leadership roles, all NRM/DEWNR support staff, teachers, parents and the many helpers.
Gavin Dyer, the proprietor of Brownhill Creek Tourist Park and his staff are to be commended for supporting the event and generously providing their facilities.
We are indeed fortunate to have Professor Wayne Meyer as Chairperson of the Education & Revegetation Committee and to have such talented and committed committee members. Thank you to Scotch College for hosting the committee meetings and for strongly supporting our aims and objectives.
The almost 200 students that attended enjoyed their outdoor classroom and the range of activities on offer. Their behaviour, enthusiasm and level of involvement was exemplary.
It was an honour and privilege to have Professor Chris Daniels as keynote speaker and to have Kaurna Elders Jeffrey Newchurch and Frank Wanganeen sharing their cultural heritage and welcoming us to country.
Mitcham Council’s, Mitcham Heritage Research Centre, provided expert historical information and the expertise of NRM Education and DEWNR staff is invaluable.
Attached below is the programme and a summary of the Cultural Heritage session which concentrated on just the entrance to Brownhill Creek Recreation Park (one of 12 possible activities on the day). A summary of all other activity sessions (science based) will be available soon.







A successful Tourism Forum was hosted by Carrick Hill to progress the Connecting Communities/Wirraparinga Loop Trail Project. Carrick Hill is set to become the tourism hub for a Cultural Heritage and Nature-Based Tourism Precinct. The proposed Carrick Hill Pavilion (multi-purpose visitor centre) will provide trailhead facilities for the Wirraparinga Loop Trail. Key stakeholders represented at the forum: Carrick Hill; Brownhill Creek Association; Kaurna Nation Cultural Heritage Association; The Friends of Brownhill Creek; Mitcham Historical Society; Walking SA; The University of Adelaide Waite Campus; Mitcham Council; Mitcham Heritage Research Centre; DEWNR/NRM; South Australian Tourism Commission; Local Education & Revegetation Committee; Nicolle Flint MP (Federal Member for Boothby) Electorate Office; Martin Hamilton-Smith MP (State Member for Waite) Electorate Office.












20160616 Hunt, Birmingham and Flint – Joint Media Release – Coal




MAY/JUNE, 2016


BCA NewsPage-Connecting Communities Project


Large numbers participated in the heritage walks on the 1st and 15th of May.  Thank you to Mitcham Historical Society for organising these events and a special thank you to our knowledgeable local Mitcham Councillor Andrew Tilley for leading these entertaining walks.





APRIL, 2016


The Heritage Tourism Workshop on Wednesday 20th April will provide a wonderful opportunity to learn about local tourism opportunities for SA and to workshop our ‘Connecting Communities’ nature-based tourism project.

Heritage Tourism Program 20th April FINAL (3) 


Local schools, NRM Education Officers and DEWNR Rangers are coming together to plan their involvement in environment and heritage initiatives for the Wirraparinga Loop Trail, central to the Connecting Communities Project.

Education & Revegetation Committee



Ron Bellchambers, Community Liaison Officer for Brownhill Creek Association, proudly accepted the 2016 Citizen of the Year Award on behalf of the many community volunteers and community groups (including BCA) that worked so hard over 4 years to document and protect our local environment and heritage. The award was presented by His Excellency, the Hon. Hieu Van Le, Governor of South Australia at Carrick Hill, with Mayor Glenn Spear officiating. Exciting opportunities now exist for the restoration of Brownhill Creek, re-vegetation projects and the development of extended walking trails, educational programs and local tourism initiatives.

Australia Day 2016 Citizen of the Year Award Speech

Mitcham Council Australia Day 2016 Citizen of the Year Award Ceremony



Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 4.56.19 pm



David Wagner (photo: back row right), President of The Friends of Brownhill Creek and Ron Bellchambers (photo: back row centre), BCA Liaison Officer, were joint Runners-Up for the Conservation Council SA Unsung Heroes Award. Sandy Pitcher, the Chief Executive of the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (photo: far right), presented the awards.

David Wagner’s decades long volunteer work in Brownhill Creek Recreation Park is legendary and he has been an inspiration and mentor to those involved in preserving and enhancing our local environment. Ron Bellchambers led the successful no dam campaign for four years and is a member of the BCA Steering Committee, which is continuing to work with environment and heritage groups (including The Friends of Brownhill Creek) to support the revegetation and rehabilitation of Brownhill Creek, develop local tourism, aid in the expansion of community recreational and heritage walking trails and help develop educational programs with local schools.

South Australian Environmental Awards Recipients, 2015




There is no chance of a dam option proceeding in upper Brownhill Creek. 

A Brown Hill Keswick Creek Stormwater Management Plan is now being finalised for approval by the Stormwater Management Authority in early 2016. This final Stormwater Management Plan will combine Part A Works (80% of the plan) in the urban sub-catchments of lower Brownhill Creek and Keswick, Glen Osmond and Parklands Creeks with Part B Works (20% of the plan) in the upper Brownhill Creek catchment (Option D).

Councils and community groups can now join together to seek funding and make sure that all stakeholders and our shared environment and heritage benefit from the implementation of a Brown Hill Keswick Creek Stormwater Management Plan. 

This is a historic agreement and BCA wishes to thank everyone who has worked so hard over many years to achieve this common sense outcome in upper Brownhill Creek. A special thank you must go to West Torrens Council and Mitcham Council for their patience and leadership in working towards a collective solution. Adelaide, Burnside and Unley Councils should also be thanked for their efforts to achieve a resolution.

"Green Light to Finalise Flood Plan"


VALUE OF BROWNHILL CREEK RECREATION PARK AND ENVIRONS RECOGNISED IN THE MESSENGER PRESS: “Features in our top five list of the best walking and cycling trails in the district” (Mitcham & Hills Messenger, 21 October, 2015).

Community Recreational Value Recognised_______________________________________________________________________________


Flood Plan Wins Community Support




BHKC Stormwater Project Website-Latest News


PUBLIC CONSULTATION CLOSED: It is likely that a public consultation report will be finalised and presented to Adelaide, Burnside, Mitcham, Unley and West Torrens Councils in August, 2015. A decision on the chosen option for Part B works by councils is expected in September and a recommendation provided to the Stormwater Management Authority, possibly in October, 2015 (according to the Project Director). This may result in a final Brown Hill Keswick Creek Stormwater Management Plan being completed and presented to the Stormwater Management Authority for approval in 2015.





Martin Hamilton-Smith MP-LETTER OF SUPPORT






The final Brown Hill Keswick Creek Stormwater Management Plan: Part B Report has been received by all 5 catchment councils and the report officially states that No Dam Option D is the project preferred option. According to the Brown Hill Keswick Creek Stormwater Management Project, Option D is feasible, more cost effective and benefits the environment. A public consultation is taking place from May 13 to June 23, 2015. Support preferred Option D during the public consultation by filling out an official Feedback Form. How to obtain a feedback form: 


  1. REQUEST A FEEDBACK FORM FROM THE PROJECT BY CALLING 1800 468 835, online at or email (One per household from any council area in Australia, for any owner or occupier. Because it is close to the deadline you will have to collect your form from Unley Civic Centre (Unley Council 181 Unley Road Unley) on Tuesday 23 June, but only after you have registered with the project and been told that it is ready to collect. You can fill the form out there and submit it. The deadline is 5pm on Tuesday 23 June. If you are mailing your form, it will be accepted if it has an Australia Post mark of 23 June.
  3.  EMAIL OR WRITE A PAPER SUBMISSION THAT PROVIDES A DETAILED RESPONSE WITH YOUR NAME AND RESIDENTIAL ADDRESSClearly explain your interest in the project, why you support Option D and include supporting information if you wish. Your email must be submitted by 5pm. Email:                         Postal Address: BHKC Stormwater Project, PO Box 907, Unley 5061

Corflute:Public Consultationjpeg

BHKC Summary Brochure May 2015

BCA-Public Consultation Flyer

Letter From The Hon. Ian Hunter MLC To State Member For Waite Martin Hamilton-Smith MP

BCA Media Release

News Page-No Dam Option D is the Preferred Solution  






Mitcham Council Election Results


Question: “Do you support the No Dam solution for Brownhill Creek (Option D)?”

Mayor Glenn Spear:

“As a mayoral candidate I support the Brownhill Creek option D (no dam) proposal. This has consistently been my view after having been informed of the various options.”

Babbage Ward Candidates
Cr. David Munro:
 “I do not support a Dam for Mitcham, however I still believe that there is more to be heard on this issue. I think that there is a need for some sort of mediation to occur so that parties can bring their issues to one forum where we can seek independent professional and unbiased advice and clarification.If re elected I will be pursuing for such a meeting to occur and allowing an opportunity for councillors, residents and members of groups to have their say, ask questions.”
Cr. Yvonne Todd:
 “If I am elected I believe that I must honour the extensive work and decisions that have been made by many people so far to resolve the storm water issue, and I would follow through with the current councils preferred option of a No Dam Solution.”
Boorman Ward Candidates
Cr. Adriana Christopoulos: 
 “When it comes to rate payers dollars,  Council must look for the most cost effective measure with the lowest capital cost and lowest annual maintenance cost. I strongly support Option D, I believe this to be the preferred option to mitigate the risk and reduce the impact of major flooding on properties in the Brown Hill Keswick Creek catchment and this will be my position if I am elected to represent the Boorman Ward.”
Cr. Andrew Playford Tilley: 
 “I totally support the preferred no dam and creek upgrade option D as outlined in the project report. It is the most sensible option that both preserves the unique environs of Brownhill Creek, mitigates against the risk of downstream flooding and minimises the burden upon ratepayers funds.”
Craigburn Ward Candidates
Cr. Karen Hockley:
 “I am keen to enable and promote the protection and enhancement of our environment and heritage assets.  Brownhill Creek, including Ellison’s Gully, is an area of natural beauty and a place rich with colonial and indigenous heritage.  As such it should be protected, enhanced and preserved for the community now and into the future.  I have made the effort to attend and listen to many deputations made to Mitcham, Unley and Adelaide Councils and I have not yet heard any convincing arguments in favour of putting a dam on this important site.  Based on my understanding of the technical information and community sentiment, I support option D, the no dam solution for Brownhill Creek.”
Cr. Nick Greer: No written response. Cr. Greer did verbally state at the BBDCA “Meet the Candidates” evening that he had no personal preference for ‘Option A,B,C, or D’, but would be guided by the recommendation of the experts. Cr. Greer then acknowledged that the current report did favour Option D. We do not wish to imply that Cr. Greer is locked into any position on options for Part B Works.
Cr. Lindy Taeuber:
Gault Ward Candidates 
Cr. Adrian Rosevear:
 “I do not support damning Brownhill Creek. If elected I will work with the various interests to ensure their concerns are considered by council. The outcome and final solution will likely not make everyone happy, however, the importance of getting this right, effective flood mitigation and conserving our environment and heritage, requires that we do get this right.”
Cr. Stephen Fisher:
 Stephen has been away overseas. Stephen confirmed his support for No Dam Option D over the phone.
Overton Ward Candidates
Cr. John Sanderson:
 “Yes I do support the No Dam solution for Brownhill Creek (Option D).”
Cr. Nicholas Economos:
 “I support option D. It is both an environmentally friendly option and is cost effective.”
The Park Ward Candidates
Cr. Mark Ward:
 “I absolutely support option D. It was former Cr Grant Hudson and I who originally moved the motion back in 2006 or 2007  to stop 2 huge concrete dams being built based on outdated data and a lack of information. Option D is a very pleasing outcome to an emotional and ill informed debate.”
Cr. Tim Hein:
 “Consistent with all my comments and voting on Council, I do not support a dam at Brownhill Creek.”




The expert report and all 5 council CEO’s back the feasible and cheaper Creek Capacity Upgrade solution. It is clearly favoured to replace a proposed dam and provide the best means of finally completing the Brown Hill Keswick Stormwater Management Plan. A final public consultation will be undertaken in March/April 2015. A final decision by the five councils is expected to follow in May 2015.





Breaking News: 14th February 2014

A No Dam / No Large Culverts Option for the upper reaches of Brownhill Creek, incorporating an improved creek environment, looks set to provide the breakthrough needed to finally complete the Brown Hill Keswick Creek Stormwater Management Plan. Not only will this option provide the necessary flood mitigation, but it will also protect well documented environment and heritage assets, address (majority) community concerns and according to current estimates, is cheaper! Revised Bureau of Meteorology rainfall figures, updated hydrology and more accurate modelling have made this new option possible.


NEWS ALERT: 13/02/2014


This officially verified photograph (local government representative present) was taken at the proposed dam site on 13/02/2014 at 5.46pm, proving that a dam in the rural Brownhill Creek catchment cannot protect urban Adelaide from flash flooding. Urban flood mitigation works are essential. Even at 1.30pm on Friday 14th February, after record overnight rainfall, Brownhill Creek was still not flowing at the proposed dam site!


Brownhill Creek Recreation Park is classified by the IUCN as a ‘Natural Monument’ (IUCN Category III): See details on page 6 of the Brownhill Creek Recreation Park Management Plan (Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources-DEWNR).


You are invited to comment on the Draft Brown Hill Creek (Hawthorn Reserves) Reconstruction Master Plan.
Click on link below and respond by 5pm on Wednesday 25th September 2013.




Andrew Southcott-No Dam Letter



Hi Everyone,

 The two reports that we have been waiting for have still not been released to the public. They are the Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation (SMEC) report into the proposed dam at Site 1 (Seven Pines) and the AWE report into the channel capacity issues for the Brownhill Creek channel between the Glenelg Tramway and Scotch College.
 What I can tell you is that the SMEC report has confirmed that the dam would be an extreme hazard concrete dam, with a 12metre spillway, but an overall height of at least 15metres or 5 storeys. The dam would stretch 120metres across the valley with very similar dimensions to placing South Australia’s Parliament House across the centre of Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. The concreting of the valley 30metres downstream from the dam would occur. The cost of the dam will double from original estimates.
 Despite the five catchment councils agreeing to proceed with 80% of the plan and to ‘pursue a feasible no dam option’,and the fact that there is a safe no dam option (3A), there is a renewed push from the same people to make sure that a dam is built. 
 A stormwater project will not occur without federal funding and there is now a push to secure a 30% federal contribution. I have attached a letter that I wrote to the sitting Federal Member for Boothby, Andrew Southcott and he took the time to meet with me. I am pleased to announce that Andrew Southcott has taken a strong, formal position against the dam and I have attached his letter of response. 
 I also wrote to the Labor candidate for Boothby, Annabel Digance and Annabel sent an email to me stating that she personally opposed the dam and spoke to me over the phone. Annabel was unable to provide a formal letter opposing the dam.
 Peter Collins died on Saturday 31st of August after a long battle with cancer. Peter Collins and John Wilson were the joint recipients of the Citizens of the Year Award (26th January, 2013) and Peter will be remembered for his enormous efforts to help his community and his contribution to environmental causes in South Australia. In fact he helped many countries around the world, during his long career as a skilled civil engineer, and was blessed with a fine mind, kind heart and absolute integrity.  There will be a celebration of The Life of Peter Collins on Friday, the 6th of September 2013, at 3pm at the Blackwood Uniting Church and Peter’s wife Karen said that all are welcome. 
 Kind Regards,
Ron Bellchambers    0427718106


  • The Stormwater Management Authority voted in favour of the 5 Catchment Council’s 2012 Stormwater Management Plan at their meeting on Tuesday 26th February, 2013. We support the plan and welcome their decision.This allows 12 months to assess the Upper Brownhill Creek catchment (part B of the plan), including the No Dam option. Part A works (80%/$120m) in the Keswick Creek catchment and Lower Brownhill Creek catchment can proceed:

SMA NEWS RELEASE: SMA Brown Hill Keswick Creeks MR




  • A major article about the iconic Stone Pines at “Seven Pines”, the proposed dam site, has appeared in the Trust News Australia: Volume 6 No 1 February 2013. The National Trust magazine has a large circulation Australia wide and strong support to protect this heritage site is developing.

2013 Trust News Feb issue Charles Buttigieg & SA historic trees

Final Report on The Seven Pines at Brown Hill Creek Recreation Park


  • Mitcham’s “Australia Day Citizen of the Year was presented jointly to Mr Peter Collins and Mr John Wilson for their contribution to the Brownhill and Keswick Creek Stormwater Management Project. They have used their engineering experience and expertise to provide information which has assisted the project to develop more accurate and detailed reports”. Their valuable and extensive voluntary work makes them worthy recipients. See the February edition of MCN (Mitcham Community News) for full details and photos. Available online, at the Mitcham Council website:
  •  Mitcham Council and The National Trust have launched the Stone Pines Report at “Seven Pines”, the proposed dam site. Stone Pines placed on the State Register of Significant Trees:


  • A preliminary design/cost study on the natural channel in the Upper Brownhill Creek Catchment, above the Glenelg Tramway, is being carried out by AWE. The results of this study should be released by February/March 2013. The results will be crucial for the final design of Part B flood mitigation works, which rely on the restoration of natural channel capacity.
  • A preliminary design/cost study on the proposed dam is being carried out by SMEC. The results of this study are also expected in February/March 2013. We believe that the true cost of the dam will be significantly higher, making our No Dam Option 3A cost comparable.


  • Our group’s campaign has been recognized at the 2012 Conservation Council SA, Environmental Awards. Our spokesperson, Ron Bellchambers, was a finalist for The Jill Hudson Award for Environmental Protection. Read Award PDF

From left: CCSA CEO Tim Kelly; Hon. Paul Caica MP; Finalists: Ron Bellchambers; Phillipa Rowland; Dan Monceaux and Emma Stirling.


  • We are very pleased to announce the birth of Imogen. Nicky and Micah Sluczanowski are the proud parents and we wish them all the best for their future together. Nicky worked hard to get our campaign going and we thank her for her efforts.